Have you read Grace on the Moon‘s ground-breaking 21 Questions interview series?  If not, click the link and see what people are saying.

21 Questions is a series of interviews with people who currently have an eating disorder or have recovered from one.  The same 21 questions are asked of each person.  Each interview sketches a picture of someone who has been in the depths of the reality of an eating disorder, and is either still working on blazing a path out of it or has gone on to recover.

This series includes perspectives from people from many different walks of life: single, married, with or without kids, different age groups, multiple nationalities, recovered and still sick.  The goal is to help those who have or had an eating disorder, as well as those who love them or professionally treat them, better understand the mindset of someone sick with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified).  Sufferers can feel less alone and be inspired by stories from the recovered, loved ones can gain insight into what the people they care about are thinking and feeling, and professionals can get a detailed understanding of what their clients go through.

The interviews take place via email, and you can be completely anonymous.  A first name only is used, and it can be your real name or a pseudonym that is chosen either by you or Grace on the MoonWe are particularly hoping to showcase some new interviews with people who are male, LGBT, a minority, older, or from a non-Christian religious background, as those viewpoints are often less heard than others, but we are open to people from all walks of life.  All interviewees are welcome!  If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us.

Visit Grace on the Moon, a website for eating
disorders information and recovery:

Photo at top of blog is copyrighted to Moon,
Administrator of Grace on the Moon

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