Grace on the Moon is now celebrating our first birthday!  It’s been a great privilege to serve the eating disorder recovery community for the past year, and we look forward to the next year. We will be adding new articles, additional ways for the eating disorder community to express itself, a new forum for loved ones, and other exciting new things throughout the year. We are committed to continuing to help inspire and inform people with eating disorders, their loved ones, and professionals who treat them.

Grace on the Moon could not exist without the wonderful people who read and contribute, participate on the forums, interact with us on social media, and are part of the big conversation that takes place in person, via email and online.  Thank you for coming by the main site and the forums, as well as following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We also are very grateful for the people who follow our blog!

If you haven’t explored all that Grace on the Moon has to offer, check out A Guide to Grace for helpful links. Thank you again for helping us reach a large audience, and we look forward to continuing to grow throughout 2015.

Visit Grace on the Moon, a website for eating
disorders information and recovery


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